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It'll Be Allreet on the neet.

Whoever thought we could lose a game!
Who decided we would manage to.
The players are always fit and keen.
How did the ref give that award anyway?

Why are we up against 14 not 13 ?
When will common sense take place ?
Favouritism should not be allowed.
All should follow the rules of the game.

Great expectations for 2015 my friends,
we have got a good backbone of regulars,
Cut out the mistakes and employ some skill
we should beat most teams and be in for the kill.

Decisions, decisions, decisions, its complex to say the least.
Deciding on this and deciding on that,
we want results on the field - not on the effort,
not on the excuses, just give us the wins.

So which player should play?
which poor lad has got a pain?
which spectator is missing, and why?
its the numbers and screams of the day.

Shouting loud and singing too,
Will activate the players brain,
Give them all encouragement,
and lets hope we can win again.

And if we do - get up to the top,
and reach those dizzy heights,
lets all rejoice loud and clear
and next year we'll all do it again!!.

Paul Hulin



Have Fun.