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History of Fartown.

The earliest record of a football match being played in the Huddersfield area is in 1848, when a team of men from Hepworth took on a team of men from Holmfirth near Whinney Bank in Holmfirth. Hepworth won a ...

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Club Honours

The club's first cup victory was in the 1889-90 season when the Yorkshire Cup was won for the first time.

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From M1 and M62

Take M621 - Leave at junction 2, signposted Headingley Carnegie Stadium. Follow the A643 (A58) Wetherby road - at the next roundabout take the City Centre/Wetherby A58 exit. Almost immediately, bear left to Ilkley (A65) and the airport. At the lights (TGI Friday is on the left), turn left into Kirkstall Road A65. Go straight on for about 0.75 mile (Yorkshire Television is on the right).

There is a sign at the traffc lights showing "Headingley 1.5 miles". Stay in the right-hand lane. Turn right and go up the hill to another set of traffc lights at the crossroads. Carry straight on up Cardigan Road (Co-op is on the left). After the pedestrian lights and bus stop turn left into St Michael's Lane, signposted Headingley Stadium. The Ground is on your right-hand side.

By Bus

For details of all bus routes to and from Headingley Carnegie Stadium and to view a map of the ground and the surrounding area please click here.

By Rail

Leeds City Railway Station is situated in the heart of the City Centre adjacent to Leeds City Square. Leeds is located on the Eastcoast Rail Network. Local stations close to Headingley Carnegie Stadium are Burley Park and Headingley, within five minutes walking distance.

Trains run to both Burley Park and Headingley stations from Leeds station every hour, Burley park is probably slightly nearer and less of an incline than Headingley.


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Stadium Plan


Official car parking spaces at the stadium are as rare as rocking horse poop and it is highly unlikely that you will be able to just turn up and find one, if you have one as part of your corporate entertainment package then you will find the official car parks on St Michaels Lane (see streetmap above)

The streets around the stadium are residential but are mostly unrestricted for on street parking other than the few streets off St Michaels Lane behind the southstand (The Newports and Broomfields) and the street off Kirkstall Lane marked "the Tur" on Streetmap (actually called The Turnways), if you want to upset lots of local people who can't understand why you'd want to park outside their house or what on earth goes on every second Friday behind that wall at the back of their garden then by all means use their street, otherwise don't.

The good news is that the rest of the streets off Kirkstall Lane are all unrestricted for parking - you are in deep studentsville here and so are unlikely to find any resident who gives a flying one about you parking in front of their dosshole, parking around the Beechwoods and St Annes are also unrestricted but Police are always warning about theft from and of cars in these streets, this is also where visiting coaches park.

Parking in Burley Park and going accross the narrow bridge to get to the ground is a decent idea as it is mainly student houses in that area so street parking is generally easy unless you leave it to the last minute.

follow Kirkstall Road beyond turn off to Headingley - turn right by Netto and follow your nose as the maze of roads leads uphill towards the railway bridge and park as near to there as possible. Seems quicker getting away from that side of the ground too.

Park on the other side of burley park station,away from the ground,usually found a spot and fairly easy to get away from too.anywhere off the kirkstall lane is usually a no go area residents schemed etc.

Giants Meet At:

Giants fans are usually allocated on the Western Terrace, which is open to the elements and not very pleasant if the weather is inclement! Seats in the old main stand are also available. Most of the vocal support stands near to the scoreboard, although the view isn't brilliant!

Bars and Food Outlets in Headingley

Headingley's pubs - The Skyrack or The Original Oak at the top of St Michael's lane have been particular favourites for our fans in the past.

Food outlets and bars are available within the ground at the corner where the Western Terrace joins the North Stand, opinions as to quality and price will no doubt follow.

For pre and post match food and beverage outlets you are spoiled for choice in Headingley as unlike many other SL grounds the area around Headingley Stadium is student-central and rammed full of the sort of entertainment spots that the unwashed, unwaged enjoy, some targeted at the likes of Tarquin and Yolanda from Chelsea living on Mummy's generous allowance, others at those who only just managed to bag the minimum student loan by means of not truthfully answering all the questions on the application form - whatever your taste in pub, bar, restaurant, take-away or public library for a spot of pre-match light reading, then you will find it in abundance in Headingley.

The two main streets to head for (see streetmap above) are North Lane and Otley Road/Headingley Lane, no doubt there will be suggestions to follow as to which venue to offer your custom to but the two that spring immediately to mind are the traditional pre-match pubs at the junction of St Michaels Rd and Headingley Lane, The Skyrack and the Original Oak.

Most of the bars in Headingley use doorstaff and are tolerant of away supporters in team shirts on a match night (please note below if any are not, lets name and shame), if you are of an excitable nature and/or prefer to finish off your evening with about of fisticuffs then please note the mention of doorstaff and the fact that Headingley entertains a huge student population every night of the week and the Police are always on hand to help you into the back of one of their vans where you may or may not be educated in how to behave yourself while on the way to the nick - on the other hand this also means that Headingley is generally a very safe place for a post match night out.

There are literally dozens of pubs in the Headingley area as it's a very popular student and drinking area, Old Oak, Skyrack, Headingley Taps and Arc are the most popular ones, although there are bars in and around the cricket side of the stadium and underneath the main (North) stand.

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