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AGM Minutes 2015

History of Fartown.

The earliest record of a football match being played in the Huddersfield area is in 1848, when a team of men from Hepworth took on a team of men from Holmfirth near Whinney Bank in Holmfirth. Hepworth won a ...

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Club Honours

The club's first cup victory was in the 1889-90 season when the Yorkshire Cup was won for the first time.

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1. Opening and welcome by Dave Calverley, Chair. Gerry McGillvary, the Wagstaff Trophy winner is unable to attend due to personal reasons. Hopefully he will be able to come to our next meeting.

2. Apologies: Liz Atherton.

3. Chair's Report:

• Tremendous effort of the Club and players to come 3rd in the league, though it will be disappointing that many people will hold only the memory of the defeat in the semi-finals.

• Monthly meetings continue to be popular with excellent speakers attending. Also players are coming to the meeting, which is an activity they enjoy.

• Trip to the Holmfirth Vinery was a social success but had financial repercussions. This is being dealt with by the Club's solicitors.

• The Reindeer Race Night had to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. This year's is however on track.

• Due to changes in the Fantastic Media stand James and Liz Atherton have been unable to run the Children's Disco and other activities. This is a pity as they were popular.

• Raffle is doing extremely well helped by prize donations of a season ticket and a trip to the Catalan match. Many thanks to Trevor Kaye for organising the latter and to Catalan Tours for honouring their agreement after the sudden death of David Whitehead. Thanks also to Judith and Tonia for their help in organising the raffle.

• The pre-season meal, held at the Northern Tap, was another successful social evening, particularly bearing in mind the sudden change of plans after the unexpected closure of Bradley's Restaurant.

• The HGSA has been working for a long time to bring various groups together and this is now a much improved situation with groups working together more closely. The outstanding example is the Legends and HGSA end of season dinners being combined.

• Involvement with the club continues, including the Cricket Day and forums. The HGSA continues to be a valued member of the Giants' family, meeting regularly with directors who are willing to take on our ideas.

• Special mention to Tony Townend, flag manager, for his work on home match-days and to Martin Eastwood for away match-days. Keep the flag flying.

• We have donated £3,000 to the Team Builder Fund this season.

• Thanks to David and staff at TWMC.

• Thanks to the committee for their hard work during the year. Well done.
• Upcoming events include a brewery trip to the Magic Rock
Brewery 22/10, Reindeer Race Night 11/12, fans forum end of January 2016.

• If any members have new ideas please put the forward to any committee member.

4. Secretary's Report
• It has been a tremendous year, most 'enjoyable'.
• Thanks to all those who helped with the raffle which has raised between £1,700 and £1,800. The final figure is not known as tickets and cash are still being returned. The draw will take place next Saturday at TWMC at ½ time of the Grand Final.

5. Treasurer's Report

• The difficulties at the vinery was a problem that spoilt and excellent trip. We were left £55.00 out of pocket, a significant amount of our funds.

• Balance sheet available for anyone who wishes to have a look. We have a balance of £1,587 as compared to £1,943 at the end of 2014.

• Thanks to Zoe for her help which has been invaluable.

• Taken great enjoyment from the role and would like to continue in it.

6. Membership Secretary

• Full report not available.

• Approximately 70 paid up members.

• Currently chasing up post members, those without email.

7. Publicity Secretary

• The committee has agreed on a newsletter to go out 3 times a year. There is a possibility that an issue may go out with season ticket.

• Upcoming events include: the Grand Final Party and raffle draw on 10/10; and meeting on 03/11 at which the guests are Ken Senior and Ian van Bellen

• Working closely with the Fanzine, this has set up a flag fund.
There are now 2 more match day flags, Cow Bell Army and Ken Davy. There was an additional flag for the semi-final. An end of season issue is due out soon.

8. Election of officers and committee

The following were elected without opposition:

• Chair: Dave Calverley
• Deputy Chair: Mick Beevers
• Secretary: Trevor Kaye
• Assistant Secretary: Sheila Kaye
• Treasurer: Tony Townend
• Assistant Treasurer: Zoe McGuinness
• Publicity Officer: Tonia Ellis
• Assistant Publicity Officer: Sharon Ellis
• Membership Secretary: James Atherton
• Assistant Membership Sec: Liz Atherton
• Speaker Secretary: Mick Beevers
• Assistant Speaker Sec: Darren Eastwood
• General Committee Members: Helen Newsome, Martin Eastwood.

9. Any Other Business: None

10. Date of Next AGM: First or second Tuesday of October 2016. To be confirmed.

Meeting closed.

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