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Chairman's AGM Report, 2018

History of Fartown.

The earliest record of a football match being played in the Huddersfield area is in 1848, when a team of men from Hepworth took on a team of men from Holmfirth near Whinney Bank in Holmfirth. Hepworth won a ...

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Club Honours

The club's first cup victory was in the 1889-90 season when the Yorkshire Cup was won for the first time.

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I could almost repeat last year's report, especially as far as the club is concerned.

I said "As far as the club is concerned, another injury-hit season.

"However, the major goal was no avoid the Middle 8s, which was achieved. But didn't the last few games leave us all feeling frustrated again, having previously seen what the team was capable of!"

However, after hearing various comments about what went on behind the scenes, I'm sure that Messrs Woolford, Watson, Thorman, and Robinson will make 2019 a season to remember for all the good reasons.

Anyway, on to HGSA matters.

The Brian Blacker Roadshow continues to draw the crowds into the Legends Bar for pre-match hospitality.

Martin has taken on the duties of organising the sessions and membership has continued to grow.

The team backing up Martin has been outstanding – there has not been a match day without at least 4 people on the door. And in this regard I must mention Graham and Jeanette for being present on almost every occasion.

The Reindeer Race Night was, as usual, a very good evening with the enthusiasm being notched up a gear thanks to Jeanette's race commentary.

Again, as I said last year, the turnout was mediocre. Other organisations hold such an event and manage to fill the room. Perhaps we can fill the room now that we have been promised that players will come along this year.

This year's extravaganza already has a sponsor and tickets are now on sale. But, as usual, we need people to buy reindeer and sponsor races – PLEASE ask around.

After years of trying, I finally got the club to listen to us regarding the Cricket Day. They listened to such an extent that we were allowed to organise it!

It was extremely successful – again co-ordinated by Martin. There were lots of stalls and also activities for kiddies – something which has been lacking previously. I won't mentioned the roundabout which failed to turn up!

It served as a learning curve for 2019's bigger and better event!

The other big news of the last 12 months is the Keith Burhouse Award for Services to the Academy.

2017 saw us become involved with manning the gates at the Academy games. It was a last minute involvement for which we weren't really prepared.

However, we learned an awful lot. The upshot being that Trevor took on the organisational responsibilities for this last season.

And what a phenomenal success – both on and off the field – it has been.

The takings from the gate have more than paid for the hire of the field from our union friends. For which we thank not just committee members, but also the wider membership who volunteered to stand at the entrances, fielding abuse, non-stopping cars, and "will you move, I've got a Zumba class in here"!

Again, a magnificent team effort resulting in us being presented with the Keith Burhouse Memorial Award.

Your committee has again worked tirelessly over the last 12 months.

In the past we have had some members who have worked tirelessly and others have drifted away.

This year has seen each and every individual put in 100% effort. Without wishing to decry earlier versions, it is without a doubt the best team yet - and I stress the word team - where everyone has put in total commitment. So, when you see people on the door or on the gate, please say to them "Thank you for all you are doing for the Huddersfield Giants".

Finally, as usual, I'd like to thank David and his staff here at Turnbridge for continuing to make us feel welcome. We are truly indebted to him and his staff. A little ripple for David.

And finally finally, if I've missed anything or anyone out, I apologise.

Dave Calverley

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