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History of Fartown.

The earliest record of a football match being played in the Huddersfield area is in 1848, when a team of men from Hepworth took on a team of men from Holmfirth near Whinney Bank in Holmfirth. Hepworth won a ...

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Club Honours

The club's first cup victory was in the 1889-90 season when the Yorkshire Cup was won for the first time.

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To set the ball bobbling, Paul sent this poem:
Glad I Came Here Today.

I think I'll go an watch t' Rugby League
At Galpharm coz it's ne'er a dull day
The players allus run like mad
And t' ref allus has his say.

We aint won a game for a fortneet
So what's gonna appen t'day ?
Will we get penalized out a site ?
Or will t' ref let us all ****** play.

This lovely little old lady yelled
Fans were all shouting joyfully
up 'til poor Grixy, and when he got felled.

So - t' penalty it was awarded
aye and 'twas quite right too
Up stepped Broughy to kick to touch
And it went near 60yards it flew !!!

A quick tap out from their twenty.....
passed, an crickey, big Eorl began to fly
It took four o' t' blighters to get to him
And they all went over for t' try !!!!!

Up steps Broughy to take t' kick
Dilligantly sets his sights to aim
Oh its terrific applause and shouts
That's 2 more points int game.

Can see now t' teams up for it
Plenty aggresion out there, yay
Griffin,Robbo,Raleigh - gettin stuck in
Me thinks we will win t'game today !!!!

Oh! - they have dropped the ball
So it's now our put in at the scrum
Hey up!!! t' balls out quickly to t' wing
Good hands, TRY to McGillvary, old chum !!!

T' conversions good - Broughy's on form
It's a reet good atmosphere here today
They kick off - it is straight to Gilly
He's got through - and blimey Cudjoe's away !!!!

Where did Lawrence come from ??
Brill, he's taken the astute inside pass
He's running fast, like a good un
Another try between t' posts on t' grass !!!!

Then all t' crowd are in a frenzie
Eee by gum, am so glad I came today
To see the Giants rampaging in full flow
And they gonna win - hip hip hip hooray !!!!

And now all the team are lookin' so cool
the're tacklin like lickle demons we see
deftly and completely containing the opposition
Hey up t'ref's quiet - has he lost his pea !!!

Then its a Browny kick through and Hodgy a try
We saw, craftsman Fooies dummy and a dive
awesome and mighty LOD hitting the gap
chuffin heck fans, the teams well alive !!!!

The crowd is so excited an' really happy today
A guy even kissed his pal, true, unbelievably !!
The joy is everywhere in't 4 sides of t'ground
Smiles and clapping from Biloo and Nathan genially

Oh boy am I glad I came here today
The sky t'was a little bit over cast
But t'team was all rockin' and rollin'
This win definately won't be the last !!!!

We can call on Mason,Patrick,Fa'Logo,
Wardle,McNally,Ferguson and Horne(y)
And other highly astute and noble men
like Wood,Kirmond.Carlile,Simpson and Lunt(y)

Our Chairman is a modest man but
Ken's dream he says is for the journey
Its a ride that we all must get on
And we may - one day, get a trophy !!!

To Ken Davy we must without doubt all agree
he should have the freedom of the town
mainly for all the resolve that he does bring
Ken's the hero - you never ever let us down !!!

The backroom staff also must be praised
The doctor, conditioner and everyone else involved
They teach and train and help the wounded
All of the players issues - they will be solved !!!

A word into yon refs ear my friends
now, you know it will never mean a thing
'cause he has his underpaid job to do
and we know t' lads always try hard to win !!!!

So to finish off I have to say - to the fans
loyal and true who never ever forget a thing
and to the great magnificent hero's on the pitch
Some times all in chorus we all need to sing.

Far - town, Far - town, Far - town, Far - town,
it still erupts does this tremendous encore
Yon fans know quality, aye tha can see
'kids-of-all-ages' love these GIANTS even more.

And, by t'way, ere's t'nother I have to say
That in the many, many years to come
We will most all recall these days my friends
And know that we all had some reet good fun.

So; may god bless this wonderful hilly town
And all of its lovely and friendly citizens too
And all the good players and their good families
And bring us a reet good trophy or two !!!!

Did I forget to mention anyone
Well if so I must say I'm sorry
because this little ditty here is
For all of Huddersfield to be jolly !!!!

by Paul Hulin.........August 2nd 2011.

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