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An Evening With Simon Woolford

History of Fartown.

The earliest record of a football match being played in the Huddersfield area is in 1848, when a team of men from Hepworth took on a team of men from Holmfirth near Whinney Bank in Holmfirth. Hepworth won a ...

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Club Honours

The club's first cup victory was in the 1889-90 season when the Yorkshire Cup was won for the first time.

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What a cracking bloke our head coach is!

Simon ( or germ if you prefer, he doesn't seem to mind) was our guest at Turnbridge club recently, speaking about the upcoming season and how the squad is shaping up etc.

As ever, he was very open, honest, enthusiastic and at times very funny
He must be a popular fella, because the place was packed, even before he arrived and had to fight his way through the adoring throng!

For those of you who couldn't make it, this is just a quick summary of some of the things he touched on.

He is very happy with the work ethic, the attitude and standards set in pre-season training, but because of the high standards they've set the players know if their standard does drop then they are out.

He said he has his goal kickers in mind and that Jake Wardle and Lee Gaskell are both in line to take goal kicking duties, whilst he expects his half backs to do most of the in game kicking. He also believes his hookers can add that to their game.

He went back to last season and revealed how the players were mentally and emotionally wrecked at the end, having to more or less play 10 must win games in a row, but feels that can only improve the character within the squad.

He also emphasised just how important developing our own players is, as we attract players at times, and also to protect our long term future.

As the HGSA raise vital funds to help finance the academy, this is a massive part we all can help with, we already do play a big part but we can still be bigger and better!

He believes his squad is good enough for at least a play-off place but was also confident we could win the thing!

On team selection, he takes advice from his assistants but ultimately the final say on team line up is his, sometimes to the disagreement of the assistants.

On a personal level, he cites former Giants coach Nathan Brown, Tim Sheens and Craig Bellamy as the biggest influences on his career.

His family and himself also love living in the town as it reminds them a bit of their hometown, Canberra.

A good evening we hope was had by all.

Tuesday 5th February will see Chris Rostron from Rugby League Cares coming along to Turnbridge WMC.

Another new date for your diary is February 9th when the team will be over in France playing Catalans.

For those of you not making the trip, your committee has liaised with the Shoulder Of Mutton at Lockwood for the match to be shown live together with an Andalusian Stew with Chorizo for supper [a vegetarian option will be available].

To order yours contact any committee member or use our website/Facebook page to send an e-mail/message.

Eleanor and Ash, mine hosts, have told your committee to watch out for details about what they will be doing for this season's Academy games.

Finally to get our events reached to a bigger audience, we are using the hashtag #hgsasavethedate, all our events will feature this for future events.

Next month we have Keep up-to-date via, our Facebook page, and our Twitter feed.


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