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History of Fartown.

The earliest record of a football match being played in the Huddersfield area is in 1848, when a team of men from Hepworth took on a team of men from Holmfirth near Whinney Bank in Holmfirth. Hepworth won a ...

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Club Honours

The club's first cup victory was in the 1889-90 season when the Yorkshire Cup was won for the first time.

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General Meeting
Damian McGrath
James Deighton
Jamie Bloem & Ben Thaler
Martyn Sadler


7th - Speaker - Damian McGrath [Head of Youth Performance]

Mick & Damian sharing a joke

Damian, in the 2nd year of his 3 year contract, gave an extremely interesting account of how youth development is progressing at the club. Two years ago only 32% of the youngsters were from the Huddersfield catchment area whereas now this figure has increased dramatically to 92%. No longer are Bradford and Leeds creaming off quality youngsters, many now choose the Giants as their first choice.

Damian stressed that the youngsters are not simply signed up and left to their own devices, but are given quality coaching and conditioning. In addition, their education is given a top priority - something which is helped by the club's tie-up with the New College.

The recent youth tour of Australia raised quite a lot of eyebrows by the quality of the performances and the commitment of the players. In fact, many Australian coaches were contacting the club to sound out the availablity of several of the squad!

Afterwards, Damian answered questions from an impressed the audience.

In closing, Mick Beevers thanked Damian for frank and interesting talk.

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Have You Heard?

A member of the Supporters Association approached a man in the street who was wearing a Giants shirt. His intention was to spread the word of the Association and to lure the stranger into our fold.
"Have you heard of the Supporters Association?" asked our intrepid member.
"I used to play for them" replied the stranger.
"Did you?"
"Yes, for eleven years!"
"Er, I'm new to the sport this year. Who are you?"
After picking himself up off the floor and rubbing his bruised chin**, our brave member heard the stranger say "Paul Reilly".

Paul is still coaching at Oldham, but did say that he would come along and chat with us in the future.

** Before the lawyers start, this was a bit of poetic licence!

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5th - Speaker - Martyn Sadler [editor, League Express]

The man with contacts in high places!

Martyn started by informing us that we should be thanking him for his recent actions. Martyn had phoned Steve McNamara and asked him to include 6 Giants players in the touring squad so that tonight's audience would be gentle on Martyn!

He went on to bemoan the fact that The Greatest Game has an abysmal record in promoting the sport. National media coverage was at its lowest since the 1895 split. The sport desperately needs someone who knows how to 'manipulate' the media.

It was as a result of Wakefield's- Martyn's team - famous victory in 1988 over the, at the time, unstoppable Wigan and the total lack of press coverage which sowed the seeds of RL League Express. Martyn realised that not only did supporters of the successful teams want to read about their heroes but fans from the less fashionable clubs did also. It took over 2 years of planning, and in 1990 the first League Express was published.

In closing, Mick Beevers thanked Martyn for an excellent evening's entertainment. Dave Calverley reminded the audience about the Curry Night [Thursday October 21st] and the urgency to let him know how many would be attending.

Next meetings:

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AGM - Tuesday 21st.

This is the first committee of the resurrected Supporters Association:


Dave Calverley

Deputy Chairperson

Terry Waterhouse


James Atherton


Tracey Eaton

Assistant Secretary

James Eaton

Minutes Secretary

Margaret Callaghan

Speaker Secretary

Mick Beevers


Martyn Waddington

Membership Secretary

Philip Nelson

General Member

Roy Shaw
Brendon Callaghan
Paul Hulin


It was agreed that the annual subscription to the association be £5. This being due now and to last until 31st December 2011.

James will set up a bank account under the name of 'Huddersfield Giants Supporters Association'. Two people will be required to sign a cheque out of 3 or 4 nominated committee members.

There will be a committee meeting at 7:00 pm on Tuesday 5th October [prior to the regular meeting].


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Tuesday 10th. Speaker - James Deighton [Radio Leeds].

Join Huddersfield Giants Supporters Association and become a Ghostbuster!

This week the Huddersfield Giants Supporters Association had James Deighton as their guest speaker.

Mick Beavers welcomed JD, Mr Rugby League on Radio Leeds, who gave an entertaining insight into the life of a media reporter. Stories ranged from ‘entertaining’ episodes at Wakefield to the nakedness of a well known Rugby League coach.

In conclusion James told the tale of how he frightened the living daylights out of one of Rugby League’s hard men [no names!].

As a child, James found out that his house in Leeds was haunted. He recounted many sightings by his whole family of a sceptre from the middle ages. It transpired that the ghost was the spirit of the person who buried victims of the plague – the burial ground being beneath James’ house!

The doctor who moved into the house after the Deighton family had left lasted 2 ½ week! There are reports that the visits are still happening.
In conclusion, Dave Calverley thanked James for a very entertaining evening.

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Tuesday 13th. Speakers Jamie Bloem [ex-player] & Ben Thaler [referee].

The Huddersfield Giants Supporters Association held a highly successful and informative evening with guests Jamie Bloom and Ben Thaler. The host for the event was Mick Beavers.

Jamie informed the audience that he has a deep love and enthusiasm for Rugby League. He was attracted to the game from Rugby Union because he was told it was more physical! He certainly displayed controlled aggression in his time at the Giants some six years ago. Upon leaving the Giants he played for Halifax before joining Radio Leeds where he is equally forthright with his views on the game.

It was whilst commentating that he said about a particular referee “I can do better than that”. The following day the head of Rugby League referees, Stuart Cummings, phoned Jamie to “prove it”. Jamie has since joined the ranks of the men in the middle and currently referees Championship matches.

His mentor is Ben Thaler, one of the top referees in the country.

Ben’s background is Rugby League through and through. He played the game as a junior and took to refereeing at 13. He has risen through the ranks the hard way, refereeing every standard from juniors, amateurs, semi-professionals, and now Super League.

He gave many valuable and interesting insights into how referees go about their business from preparing for a match, refereeing the game and their relationships with the Touch Judges, through to reviewing the games after the weekend.

The second part of the meeting involved members of the audience asking Jamie and Ben many searching questions. The answers given were both enlightening and candid.

In closing the evening, Dave Calverley thanked the guests for giving up their time to speak to the fledgling organisation.

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Tuesday 22nd. General Meeting.

Tuesday saw an extremely encouraging first outing for the organisation.
Dave Calverley expressed his personal aims and objectives of the association. Paul Morgan said a few words of encouragement.  Laura Harrison spoke about how the Rugby League Supporters Trust can help the venture.

Members of the audience then had the opportunity to both ask the panel questions and also air their own opinions.

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