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Examiner Reports: April 2013

History of Fartown.

The earliest record of a football match being played in the Huddersfield area is in 1848, when a team of men from Hepworth took on a team of men from Holmfirth near Whinney Bank in Holmfirth. Hepworth won a ...

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Club Honours

The club's first cup victory was in the 1889-90 season when the Yorkshire Cup was won for the first time.

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HGSA Donate Another £250 Towards The Development of the Giants’ Youth Policy.
At half time during the home game against Widnes, Brendan and Margaret Callaghan, representing the Supporters Association, presented club chairman Ken Davy with a cheque for £250. This was the latest donation in keeping with the Association’s aims of helping the development of juniors at the Giants.
Margaret, the Association’s Secretary, expressed her gratitude at which HGSA’s members supported both the monthly speakers and the money-raising activities. “Everything we do is geared towards securing the long term future of the club. The more members we have, the more money we raise. This obviously helps the Giants tremendously.”

Another way to help the Giants is to buy your away tickets from our ticket office, not pay on the gate when you get there.

Here are some guidelines:

  1. The Giants keep 10% of the money;
  2. They are usually a couple of pounds cheaper than paying on the day;
  3. You do not have to queue for tickets at the away club, thereby avoiding the fiasco at Salford;
  4. If you book online, beware that the ‘optional’  ‘Booking Fee & Postage’  is NOT optional, it is a charge;
  5. Check the last date & time of being able to purchase from the Giants;
  6. Buying with a credit card entails a small surcharge; buying with a debit card does not.

Yet another way of raising funds is to buy one of our ’Giant Teasers’ quiz sheets. They are available from any HGSA member. You can even download it from the website – but you will need a special code as proof of purchase! [Why not have a dozen and sell them amongst your friends. They are only £1 each – the quiz sheets, not your friends.]

Our next gust will be Baloo [coach Paul Anderson] on Tuesday, 7th of May. Paul has been there and got the tee-shirt as a player. How’s he doing as a coach?


So, where do you stand, or should I say, sit, on the topic of singing and chanting?
There is currently a healthy debate underway on the Giants’ pages of the RLFans forum about this topic.
At the back of the Britannia Rescue stand sit a group of supporters who like to sing and chant during games. Sometimes others in that stand join in, at other times they don’t.
In the Direct Golf stand there is a smaller group which regularly tries to get the crowd going – often without much success.
When we play away, both these groups congregate together and there is a tremendous atmosphere, as those of you who went to Castleford will testify.
Do you join in with either of these groups? If not, without wanting to sound awkward, why not?
The players regularly comment that when there is a lot of noise, it helps them to raise their game.
What are your thoughts about how the atmosphere can be improved at home matches. Should there be reserved areas where the ‘singers’ can sit together? Should the words be handed out?
Let us know either via the website, phoning Dave Calverley, or contacting the club direct.

RLWC2013 [the Rugby League World Cup] is drawing ever closer.

Just a reminder that on Saturday 26th October, there is a double opening header at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff. England will resume hostilities against Australia whilst Wales will be tackling Italy.

Here at the John Smith’s Stadium, we are hosts to the England v Ireland game. There are a whole host of activities being planned around this match with something for everyone.

The final is at Old Trafford on Saturday 30th November. Which team will be the sacrificial lambs to an English victory?

Tickets for all RLWC2013 matches can be bought through HGSA.

[See for details.]

Please help us to support the club by buying one of our ’Giant Teasers’ quiz sheets.

Following on from an excellent evening with Jonathan Doidge [report is on the website], our next guest will be Baloo [coach Paul Anderson] on Tuesday, 7th of May. Paul has been there and got the tee-shirt as a player. How’s he doing as a coach?


I was approached by one Hull KR supporter after last Sunday’s game who asked “Is this your home ground? I mean, where was everybody? You are top of the league and no-one bothers to come and watch such an exciting team!”
That says it all, doesn’t it?
Where were you last Sunday?
Considering the circulation of the Examiner – both in print and online – it is a fairly safe bet to say that you did not attend last Sunday’s Giants match.
It is also fairly safe to say that, since you are reading this, you have an interest in rugby, particularly the Huddersfield Giants.
So, a simple question:
Why were you not there?
Prior to Sunday’s game, the Giants were 2nd in super League [they still are]. Most of the time the team is playing attractive rugby.
Yet only 5000 people from Huddersfield could be bothered to attend!
“It’s too expensive in this recession!”
True, £24 does seem rather steep. BUT, if you buy your ticket in advance, it is only £21.
“But I can’t afford that!”
Then buy a season ticket!
A season ticket for the Fantastic Media Stand costs only £99. Even half way through the season that works out at around £16 for each home game.
Rugby League is the second most watched spectator game in the country. We currently have the 2nd best team in this sport which is playing as attractive rugby as you will find anywhere in the country in either code.
Yet only 5000 people from Huddersfield could be bothered to attend at the weekend!
Why were you not there?
“Oh, they always slump in the second half of the season!”
No they do not.
True, it has happened in the last couple of years, but not ‘always’. Just because the media expects us to – present publication excepted – it does not represent a fact. It is an opinion.
Whilst this column is written on behalf of the Huddersfield Giants Supporters Association, the words written here today do not necessarily represent the views of all of them, there simply has not been enough time to ask everyone.
But those who have expressed an opinion simply asked:
“Why could only 5000 people from Huddersfield be bothered to attend the game on Sunday?”

Right, having successfully antagonised most of you, some outstandingly positive news.

If you intend going to the World Cup Final later in the year and expect to pay at the turnstile, then don’t bother going.

Already 40 000 tickets have been sold – and the proper marketing has not even begun!

Even the match in Huddersfield [England v Ireland on November 2nd] is well on the way to being a sell-out!

The moral is, if you want to watch any of the RLWC2013 [Rugby League World Cup 2013] matches ‘in the flesh’, buy your tickets NOW! Don’t leave it too late or you will probably have to settle for watching games on the television, thereby missing out on the outstanding live match atmosphere.

HGSA has liaised with RLWC2013 and can offer you good deals on tickets. Just let us know your requirements.


In the last 3 weeks we have explained how you can help raise funds for the club [the ‘Giant Teaser’], talked about the atmosphere at the stadium [some good suggestions have come through, thank you], and deliberated on the size of the crowds watching the Giants.
This week we are putting the ball firmly in your court!
By way of explanation, the Supporters Association was set up for like-minded people to socialise, raise funds for the juniors, and also put forward the fans’ views to the club.
The HGSA committee hold regular meetings with the hierarchy of the club where we discuss matters which are on our members’ minds.
However, this does not mean that we are a clique.
We want to promote to the club the views of ALL Giants’ supporters.
So, what ARE your views?
If you were in charge, what would YOU do to:

  1. Promote the club to the wider public?
  2. Increase attendance?
  3. Improve the match-day experience?
  4. Increase sponsorship?
  5. Attract back disillusioned supporters?
  6. Change the match-day programme?
  7. Do you want pre-match entertainment, if so, what?
  8. Do you want to be entertained at half-time , if so what?
  9. What other areas do you want to comment on?

Would you change the pricing policy?

How about making match days an event? Not just 80 minutes worth of top quality rugby, but an afternoon – or even a day – out?

We shall be having another meeting with Ken Davy, Paul Morgan, and Richard Thewlis in the very near future, what do you want us to say to them?

Your comments will be gratefully received by us and we shall pass them on to the club. You can e-mail them via the website or phone Dave Calverley for his address and use the tried and tested pen and paper method.


The next HGSA meeting will be on Tuesday, 7th May at Turnbridge WMC. Our coach, Paul Anderson, will be our guest.

Have you bought your ‘Giant Teaser’ yet?

We have special offers on all RLWC2013 [World Cup] matches.

Join HGSA for only £5.

Reproduced by kind permission of the Huddersfield Examiner
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