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History of Fartown.

The earliest record of a football match being played in the Huddersfield area is in 1848, when a team of men from Hepworth took on a team of men from Holmfirth near Whinney Bank in Holmfirth. Hepworth won a ...

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Club Honours

The club's first cup victory was in the 1889-90 season when the Yorkshire Cup was won for the first time.

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Previous Winners

2011 - Scott Grix
2012 - Danny Brough
2013 - Danny Brough
2014 - Danny Brough
2015 - Jermaine McGillvary
2016 - Jermaine McGillvary
2017 - Sebastine Ikahihifo
2018 - Jermaine McGillvary

So what is the Wagstaff Trophy?

First of all, Harold Wagstaff was born on 19 May 1891 in Holmfirth.

He played for Underbank Rangers before signing for Fartown, making his debut against Bramley on 10th November 1906.

Harold was [and is] known as 'The Prince of Centres'.

He was the inspiration of the 'Team of All Talents' in 1914-15, when Fartown became the second club to win all four cups.

He became the game's youngest International at 17 years 228 days.

By 1914 he was captain of England and played the best match of his career in the famous 'Rorke's Drift Test Match' victory at Sydney. [Look that one up, it will lift anyone's day.]

His last match was on 23 March 1925 v Oldham.

It was only fitting, therefore, that when the HGSA committee decided to award a trophy at the end of a season it should be named after Harold.

Scott Grix was the first recipient. Danny Brough monopolised it for the next three years. Jermaine McGillvary won it for two years, and Sebastine Ikahihifo is the current holder.

Who will it be this time?

What it is not is a 'player of the season' award, it is club-wide.

When casting your vote use the loose criteria 'Whom would I least like to leave the Giants?'.

It could be an up and coming youngster like Dominic Young; someone who's only played a handful of games like Ollie Russell; Mr Play-Anywhere, Aaron Murphy; Danny, Jerry, or Seb again; etc, etc.

The choice is yours [assuming you are a HGSA member!].

You are allowed three votes: your first choice will get 3 points, second two, and third one. The winner is whoever has most points.

The winner will be announced at the Giants Awards evening and will be presented with his or her trophy at our AGM on October 2nd at Turnbridge WMC.

Voting forms will be available at our next meeting at Turnbridge and at the Legends Bar when we next play at the stadium.

Both methods will enable you to nominate people for your next committee.

Vote Now For 2019 Season

Please rank 3 players in order, number 1 being your first choice, number 2 your 2nd choice, & number 3 your 3rd choice.

Please note that only votes from members of the Association will be counted.

Last date for entries - midnight, Sunday, 8th September.

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